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Next-Gen Retail Tech


Smarter Cart,
Shop Smarter.

TROLLEE P2 is the brand new AI-powered smart shopping cart designed to bring you the frinctionless shopping experience.

Instant Recognition

Simply put your items in the cart and let TROLLEE P2 handle the rest – it's that easy.

With sensor fusion and artificial intelligence, TROLLEE P2 can automatically detect items placed in the cart and recognize within seconds. 


Modular Adaptable Hardware

To fully adaptive to the diverse demands of retailers worldwide, TROLLEE P2 is built with the concept of modularity, combining standardization and  flexibility.

With admendment to the replacable modules, we can provide the exact TROLLEE that you want!


Highly-Accurate In-store Location

Stabler, more precise and more interactive. The in-store navigation experience of TROLLEE P2 is upgraded to a entirrely new level and all shoppers are traceable with hightly-accurate locations in real time.

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