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Navigating the Future: TROLLEE's Showcase at GBA Intelligent Tech Exhibition

Hong Kong, December 10, 2023 — The GBA Innovation Development Summit and OCTF 2023 Intelligent Technology Exhibition concluded triumphantly at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center. TROLLEE, a trailblazer in the smart retail industry, took center stage as an invited participant, showcasing the transformative potential of future retail technologies.

The exhibition attracted numerous entrepreneurs, experts, scholars, and industry representatives, creating a forum to explore new opportunities for development and innovation in the Greater Bay Area. The event featured six thematic exhibition areas, including consumer electronics, intelligent healthcare, and smart retail.

As one of the standout enterprises in the Smart Retail Zone, TROLLEE garnered significant attention for its pioneering innovations. TROLLEE's smart shopping carts, P1 and P2, integrating advanced sensor technology and artificial intelligence, captivated both distinguished guests and numerous attendees. Many visitors praised the smart shopping carts for providing a novel and exciting shopping experience, reflecting optimism about the future of the retail industry.

During the roadshow of smart innovation enterprises, Soh Weihong, CTO of iFREE Group and CEO of TROLLEE, shared valuable insights. Emphasizing TROLLEE's consumer-centric product philosophy, he elucidated on how smart shopping carts, through the application of big data and artificial intelligence, play a pivotal role in reshaping the future of shopping. He stated, "Our smart shopping carts mark a substantial revolution in how consumers engage with brick-and-mortar retail environments. We eagerly anticipate the market's feedback and the industry's encouraging transformation."

The successful conclusion of the GBA Innovation Development Summit and OCTF 2023 Intelligent Technology Exhibition provided a valuable platform for innovative enterprises in the Greater Bay Area to showcase and exchange ideas.

The government support and innovative environment of the Greater Bay Area provide TROLLEE with unique advantages, injecting powerful momentum into its global expansion strategy. Capitalizing on the distinctive strengths of the Greater Bay Area, TROLLEE will continue to deepen its global market presence, drive progress and development in the smart retail industry, and provide consumers worldwide with even more convenient and joyful shopping experiences.


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