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TROLLEE Showcases AI-Powered Innovations at FBIF2024Shanghai

From June 25th to 27th, 2024, the FBIF 2024 was held at the Shanghai National Exhibition and Convention Center. As one of the most influential food industry events in the Asia-Pacific region, FBIF aims to help industry professionals gain insights into future trends and explore brand development directions by sharing successful global business cases, innovative ideas, and technologies. FBIF 2024 invited food industry experts from around the world to discuss topics such as product innovation, technological advancements, and marketing strategies amidst a rapidly changing consumer market.

Highlights of FBIF2024

Since its inception in 2014, FBIF has grown into a unique platform for the food industry. The event featured a series of activities, including forums, exhibitions, and roadshows. Covering over 200 topics, the event attracted more than 270 speakers and 7,400 industry guests globally, showcasing over 2,000 innovative products. It provided a high-caliber platform for brand owners, distributors, and suppliers to engage and exchange ideas.

AI & Smart Retail: Future of Consumer Experience

The rapid advancement of AI technology is revolutionizing the retail industry. During the Innovation Technology Forum on June 26, global speakers shared insights on AI from strategic to applications. TROLLEE's Founder and CEO, Mr. Soh Wei Hong, was among the distinguished speakers. He shared insights on how AI technology is revolutionizing the offline shopping experience and driving the future development of retailers and brands.

Mr. Soh delved into the application of various technologies in retail. The introduction of AI-driven smart shopping carts not only offers new marketing touchpoints for brands but also enhances the consumer experience. Through AI, retailers and brands can better understand and predict consumer preferences through comprehensive user behavior analysis, providing shopping suggestions that align with consumer preferences and needs, thereby fostering deeper connections with consumers.

AIGC Revolutionizes Brand Marketing

The rapid development of AI large language models has transformed marketing from Professional Generated Content (PGC) to User Generated Content (UGC) and now to AI Generated Content (AIGC). This shift is revolutionizing content creation in brand marketing. TROLLEE, leveraging AI technology, provides efficient AIGC content services for retailers and brands, significantly reducing time and costs associated with content generation.

New Trends in Retail Media Networks

Furthermore, smart shopping carts are revolutionizing retail marketing, expanding the application of digital advertising on retail media networks. These carts offer diverse marketing combinations, from new product marketing, and real-time location ads to AR interactive marketing. These innovative strategies are changing the trend of marketing within the retail industry. Importantly, TROLLEE uses AI technology to track the entire shopping journey of users, providing granular user data insights that support precision marketing. Automated marketing solutions and real-time data analysis by AI continually drive brand business growth.

We extend our gratitude to FBIF2024 for providing an exceptional platform where TROLLEE could meet global experts and innovation leaders to share cutting-edge perspectives and exchange innovative achievements. TROLLEE remains committed to the deep integration of AI technology and the retail industry, striving to build a new retail ecosystem centered on consumers, driven by technology, and aimed at sustainable growth.


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