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TROLLEE Earns Distinction with 2023 Retail Eco Buylink Awards

On January 11, 2024, the Chinese Retail Eco Annual Conference concluded in Xi'an. Organized by Retail Eco, co-sponsored by 20+ Retail Chain Associations, and supported by 30+ retail industry media outlets, this event brought a distinctive industry spectacle to the retail sector, attracting luminaries from academia, industry associations, and retail enterprises.

A significant highlight unfolded with Retail Eco's announcement of the 2023 Buylink Awards, a platform celebrating outstanding entities and propelling the prosperity of the Chinese retail sector. TROLLEE was honored with the Buylink Awards as the "2023 Retail Eco Annual Outstanding Vendor," recognizing its exceptional performance and influence within the realm of retail technology services.

TROLLEE's success is underscored by its unwavering commitment to innovation-driven strategies. Since its inception, TROLLEE has been at the forefront of providing cutting-edge digital solutions tailored for retail businesses, catalyzing the digital transformation of numerous enterprises, and elevating overall operational efficiency and customer experience. Looking ahead, TROLLEE is poised to deepen its engagement in retail technology, embrace emerging advancements, and continue leading transformative changes in the retail industry, creating substantial value for a diverse spectrum of retail businesses.


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