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TROLLEE has been nominated for China's Top 20 Edge Computing Enterprises

Recently, the most influential Edge Computing Community in China officially released "Top 20 Edge Computing Enterprises in China" of 2022. Amidst strong competition from hundreds of renowned technology companies, TROLLEE stood out with its outstanding technical achievements and innovative solutions and became the only smart retail solution provider on the list.

The Edge Computing Community has committed to promoting the development of edge computing in China. It has released the "Top 20 Edge Computing Enterprises in China" every year from 2019 onwards, selecting from more than five hundred enterprises, so as to increase the publicity and popularity of edge computing and boost the development of the industry.

As a leading technology and solutions provider focusing in revolutionizing the supermarket retail scene, TROLLEE takes the lead in applying edge computing to the smart retail field. With edge computing, TROLLEE Smart Cart rewrites the rules of digital marketing and reveals the future of retail.

Equipped with the latest AdEdge advertising solution, TROLLEE works as a full-featured end-to-end advertising platform offering both cloud-based and local management of the in-store advertisements, leveraging hybrid edge-cloud computing, Artificial Intelligence (AI), contextual digital advertising, and other technologies. By deploying a high-precision indoor positioning algorithm and map engine at the edge, TROLLEE can capture real-time customer micro-location and feedback within 100ms to improve the accuracy and timeliness of advertising. At the same time, TROLLEE can identify and analyze user portraits through edge intelligence and realize the real-time acquisition of product and user behavior video streams. The AdEdge advertising solution will simultaneously process real-time data from multiple sources to provide holistic insights and deeper intelligence about ad performance, viewer attentiveness, demographics and shoppers' preferences.

Through the use of edge computing, TROLLEE provides a more timely response and smoother user experience, which is especially essential for the application of AR. "By deploying AR ad rendering models and spatial algorithms at the edge, TROLLEE can provide customers with a smooth real-time interactive experience," explained Wei Hong Soh, iFREE GROUP CTO and TROLLEE CEO "We believe that the application of edge computing will greatly enhance the competitiveness of TROLLEE."

Through cutting-edge hardware and software, TROLLEE offers endless possibilities for innovation in the retail industry. The nomination of "Top 20 China Edge Computing Enterprises 2022" is full recognition of TROLLEE's supreme leading position in the field of edge computing and the smart retail industry.


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