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TROLLEE P2 Smart Shopping Cart Clinches Gold at French Design Award 2023

Nov 28 — TROLLEE, a leading innovator in smart retail technology, is elated to receive the prestigious Gold Award from the esteemed French Design Awards for its revolutionary TROLLEE P2 Smart Shopping Cart. This accolade underscores TROLLEE's unwavering commitment to redefining the shopping experience through innovative and user-focused design.

The French Design Award signifies France's unique position as a global center for design, guiding worldwide trends in art and design. It is a highly respected accolade in the design field, recognized as the pinnacle within the design community. The annual award ceremony attracts widespread attention, serving as a key indicator of design trends and industry developments, earning substantial prestige and recognition. Notably, the Gold Award is considered the highest honor, reserved for exceptionally outstanding design concepts in their respective categories, with an exclusive 1% acceptance rate.

The TROLLEE P2 Smart Shopping Cart introduces a paradigm shift in the shopping journey, offering users a seamless self-checkout experience to bypass queues and eliminate waiting hassles. Its precision indoor navigation and item locator ensure users effortlessly locate desired products. Leveraging Member Profile Analysis, TROLLEE P2 deeply understands and anticipates users' preferences. The cart's seamless synchronization with the mobile shopping list from the app simplifies shopping. One special feature of TROLLEE P2 lies in its modular design, facilitating easy integration of functional modules such as wireless charging, POS machines, and barcode scanners. The ergonomic design, characterized by an elliptical curved handle, ensures a perfect blend of robustness and stability.

The triumph of TROLLEE P2 Smart Shopping Cart is a result of the meticulous work of TROLLEE'S engineers, who have crafted a product that not only meets but exceeds design and functionality standards. As we celebrate this achievement, TROLLEE remains steadfast in its commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation, striving to set new benchmarks in the smart retail industry. TROLLEE extends its heartfelt gratitude to the French Design Award committee for this esteemed recognition. This award marks a pivotal moment in TROLLEE's journey, reinforcing its commitment to revolutionizing the future of smart retail with user-centric products that prioritize experience and convenience. For more details, please refer to: TROLLEE P2 - 2023 French Design Gold Award


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