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TROLLEE Showcases Innovative Smart Shopping Cart Solutions at NRF APAC 2024

Singapore, June 13, 2024 – NRF 2024: Retail’s Big Show Asia Pacific (NRF APAC 2024), held at the Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre in Singapore, concluded with a remarkable display of cutting-edge technologies aimed at transforming the retail industry. Among the standout participants was TROLLEE, a leader in smart shopping cart solutions, showcasing their advanced AI-driven smart shopping cart designed to enhance the shopping experience.

TROLLEE, headquartered in Hong Kong with R&D center in China, has firmly established its presence in the Asia Pacific region. With successful projects in China, Malaysia and Thailand, TROLLEE continues to lead the way in retail digitalization. TROLLEE’s booth at the Innovation Lab received significant attention, as attendees experienced firsthand the efficiency and convenience offered by their smart shopping cart solutions.

Advancing Retail with AI and Sensor Technology

TROLLEE’s smart shopping cart features advanced AI and multiple sensors. Its continually refined algorithms, based on shopping scenarios and customer behaviors, greatly enhance its loss prevention capabilities. This not only boosts operational efficiency for supermarkets, but also offers consumers a smarter self-checkout experience. Additionally, the carts offer an AI-powered shopping assistant, acting as a personal guide to enhance the shopping experience. This intelligent assistant can recommend products, provide shopping suggestions to streamline the shopping journey, making it more personalized and efficient.

Revolutionizing Retail Media Network and Digital Marketing

Another standout feature of TROLLEE’s smart shopping cart is its integrated advertising and data analytics capabilities. By leveraging data insights and personalized marketing, TROLLEE enables retailers to deliver targeted, interactive advertisements directly to shoppers. This includes AR campaigns and location-based ads that enhance the shopping experience and drive engagement. As the retail media network shows increasing value in digital marketing in the retail sector, TROLLEE's digital marketing solution provides a dynamic platform for diverse advertising opportunities and maximizing marketing impact.

As the retail industry continues to evolve, digitalization remains a key focus. Smart technologies like TROLLEE’s solutions are instrumental in this transition. “TROLLEE is proud to be at the forefront of retail innovation in the Asia Pacific region,” said Tina, COO of TROLLEE. “Our smart shopping cart solutions are not only transforming the way people shop but also providing retailers with powerful tools to enhance their business operations and engage customers in new ways.”

NRF 2024: Retail’s Big Show Asia Pacific served as a platform for TROLLEE to demonstrate their leadership in the industry and their commitment to pioneering the future of smart retail. With a strong foundation in the Asia Pacific region, TROLLEE is well-positioned to continue driving advancements in retail technology.


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