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TROLLEE™ Ushers in a New Era for Retail at NRF 2024 Innovation Lab

New York, Jan 17 — In a captivating showcase at the NRF 2024 Innovation Lab, TROLLEE™, a trailblazer in smart shopping cart technology, unveiled its revolutionary AI-driven shopping cart solutions, redefining the very fabric of the retail experience. Amidst an impressive lineup of cutting-edge technologies, TROLLEE demonstrated the transformative potential of artificial intelligence within the retail landscape.


The NRF Innovation Lab, renowned for its role in presenting emerging technologies, operates as a compass guiding the future of the retail industry. A journey through artificial intelligence, augmented reality, machine learning, facial recognition, and robotics unfolds within this innovative space.


TROLLEE took the spotlight to present its flagship products, TROLLEE P1 and TROLLEE P2, envisioning them as fully AI-driven smart shopping carts poised to revolutionize interactions for both retailers and customers. A standout moment during the TROLLEE P2 carts demonstration showcased its ability to address pressing retail challenges, particularly fraud and inventory management, through the integration of cutting-edge computer vision technology.


The application of product image and video recognition for selected items marked a leap forward in fraud detection, especially for high-value products and those requiring Know Your Customer (KYC) verification. The seamless execution of AI algorithms directly on the cart provided real-time responses for product recognition, underscoring the potential of AI within the retail sector. Simultaneously, by utilizing side cameras, TROLLEE enabled near-real-time shelf inventory management.


Meanwhile, TROLLEE  harnessed the capabilities of Veea’s AdEdge® contextual  digital advertising solution and state-of-the-art, place-based multi-channel advertising platform that is set to revolutionize customer experience and engagement. AdEdge® simplifies the process of creating and managing campaigns, targeting the right audiences, and optimizing results in real-time. It provides insights on consumer preferences and detailed analytics, enabling you to refine your strategies on the go. Through the deployment of VeeaHub® and Veea’s Edge Platform, TROLLEE locally cached all content and user data, prioritizing data security while ensuring a frictionless experience with lower latency.


Embracing a forward-looking vision at NRF 2024, TROLLEE offered a glimpse into its ongoing development of a groundbreaking Generative AI application. This ambitious project seeks to redefine the role of AI agents, particularly as Virtual Shopping Assistants. TROLLEE envisions an innovative approach, incorporating a small language model into these AI agents, elevating them into sophisticated tools for retailers. This endeavor anticipates a future where Generative AI applications seamlessly transform the retail landscape, offering enhanced customer interactions and redefining the essence of personalized services. TROLLEE's commitment to advancing retail technology underscores its dedication to shaping a future where AI-driven solutions play a pivotal role in the retail experience.

TROLLEE's CEO, Soh Wei Hong, reflects on the groundbreaking strides made at NRF 2024. He emphasizes, "At NRF 2024, TROLLEE is making waves with the introduction of TROLLEE P1 and P2, AI-powered shopping carts that exemplify the convergence of cutting-edge technology and retail. As we push the boundaries of what's possible in smart retail, we're not only addressing key challenges like fraud prevention and real-time inventory management but also envisioning a future where AI becomes an indispensable ally for both retailers and customers."


Leaving an indelible mark on the NRF 2024 Innovation Lab, TROLLEE continues to spearhead the charge in shaping the future of smart and efficient retail.





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