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​New Immersive Shopping Experience



​Reduce Costs, Increase Revenue

The Smarter Way to Manage your Stores


TROLLEE In Numbers


​Operational Expenditure


Conversion Rate


Advertising Revenue


Sales Revenue


Customer Satisfication

Your In-store Customized Advertising Platform


AI capabilities prompt tailored and personalized advertisement


Creates an interactive virtual in-store experience with Augmented Reality


Serve targeted, just-in-time ads based on a customer’s location and profile

New source of revenue

Benefits from increased sales and new ad-driven revenue sources

Seize the Critical Moment and Always On Engagement

TROLLEE can intercept between ZMOT (Zero Moment of Truth) and FMOT (First moment of truth) of customers life cycle with automated multi-media Ads pushing to customers right next to the shelf.

Critical moment with highly-interactive advertisement will surely gives you more opportunities to win!

Rediscover the Joy of Shopping

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Personalized coupons

Location-based advertisement with rich- engagement content

Start the journey with personalized coupons

Offering targeted Ad campaigns with location-based personalized and content-rich immersive experiences.

Indoor navigation with real-time high-accuracy positioning

AI voice search recognition

Enjoy shopping with a personal AI assistant

TROLLEE's highly accurate indoor positioning system, enhanced smart shopping algorithms and intelligent shopping planners make everything easier.

Self-scan while you shop, quick and easy

Relevant products recommendation

Smart checkout with a single tap

Say goodbye to queuing

With TROLLEE, your customers can easily self-scan products while shopping and finish check-out within seconds.

New Immersive Shopping Journey

Make shopping easier, faster and more enjoyable.


Image Recognition

Artificial Intelligence

Deep Learning

Augmented Reality

Machine Learning

Report & Analytics

Smart Retail Technology

ALL in One

充电2 - 压缩.png


Magnetic Charging

TROLLEE P1  not only supports efficient charging by charging a maximum of 13 devices simultaneously but also safe charging with a high-precision charging pile.



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