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Manage Your Stores with Insights from Real Data.

AIoT + Data Intelligence with 5G & Edge Computing

With 5G and edge computing, TROLLEE can use machine learning and AI to analyze customers' traffic patterns, reactions and emotions for inventory and customer journey optimization.


Right Time, Right Place
Right Customer, Right Content

The Edge Intelligent
Advertising Platform

TROLLEE's advanced AdEdge platfrom is designed to intelligently micro-target audiences with AI-prompt tailored and personalized advertisement based on customers' in-store real-time locations.

Eliminate the Gap between
Online and Offline.

SCRM and MarTech for
Omni-channel Marketing

TROLLEE's advanced SCRM systems is able to reach customers effectively with personalized advertisement prior and after store visit.


Redefine the Boundary of Virtuality and Reality.

Interactive and Immersive
In-store AR Experience

Getting bored with the traditional way of advertising? TROLLEE's innovative AR advertisement is your solution! The unlimited possibilities of AR will surely refresh your customers' in-store journey.

Say Goodbye to Queuing and Regain the Joy of Shopping

Smart Check-out System

TROLLEE delivers the shopping experience of the future : pick, scan and go.

No checkout line, no waiting.



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