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Showcasing Excellence: TROLLEE's Award-Winning Innovations at CHINASHOP 2024

TROLLEE made a significant impact at the 2024 CHINASHOP, hosted in Shanghai from March 13-15. As a frontrunner in smart retail solutions, TROLLEE captivated attendees with an advanced product lineup, including smart shopping carts, edge-computing solutions in collaboration with Veea Inc., and AIGC video services, showcasing the forefront of retail technology.

Innovative Showcase at CHINASHOP

Following a remarkable presentation at last year's event, TROLLEE returned to CHINASHOP, capturing the spotlight with an even more expansive selection of smart retail solutions. We not only exhibited cutting-edge products and services but also played an active role in key industry discussions. Highlights included a standout Retail X Lab presentation, a feature of smart shopping carts at the Hi-Shop Future Retail Store, and consecutive accolades from the Golden Wings Awards for Smart Store Application Practices, underscoring TROLLEE's commitment to pushing the boundaries of smart retail.

Hi-Shop: Peering into the Future of Retail

At the Hi-Shop Future Retail Store, TROLLEE's smart carts were lauded for their innovative design and compelling marketing campaign demonstrations aligned with the event's 'Healthy Living' theme. These carts are transforming traditional shopping into an engaging, technology-driven experience, offering a more immersive journey for consumers.

Retail X Lab: Fostering Retail Innovation

The Retail X Lab served as an engaging platform for up-and-coming retail tech firms to unveil innovative concepts and technologies, igniting new ideas within the sector. TROLLEE's COO, Tina, delivered an insightful presentation on how AI is revolutionizing offline shopping experiences, showcasing the company's pioneering approach and the transformative potential of retail technologies.

Accolades and Recognition

TROLLEE's continued innovation was again recognized with the esteemed Golden Wings Awards for Smart Store Application Practices, highlighting the efficiency and cost-saving benefits of our smart shopping carts in supermarkets. This acknowledgment, for the second consecutive year, reflects TROLLEE's unwavering dedication to leadership and innovation in the smart retail domain.

Committed to perpetual innovation, TROLLEE is steering the retail industry towards a future marked by intelligence, efficiency, and enjoyment. Looking forward, wwe remain devoted to spearheading retail innovation and fostering a collaborative ecosystem with retail brands and technology partners, collectively shaping the blueprint for the future of smart retail.


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