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TROLLEE Secures Prestigious iF Design Award with Groundbreaking P2 Smart Shopping Cart

In an industry where innovation and design excellence are paramount, TROLLEE is thrilled to announce that our P2 Smart Shopping Cart has been honored with the esteemed iF Design Award.

With a heritage dating back to 1954, the iF Design Award signifies outstanding achievement in design quality and is revered as a symbol of design excellence worldwide. A panel of 132 international experts, within a fiercely competitive selection process, vetted nearly 11,000 entries from 72 countries, underscoring the achievement of TROLLEE in earning this respected badge of distinction.

Minimalist Design at Its Best

The P2 Smart Shopping Cart epitomizes a minimalist design approach. Its smooth lines and well-crafted curves, including the ergonomic handle designed for comfortable use, blend durability with user-friendly features. Sporting a modern look and a user-friendly UI design, the P2 seamlessly incorporates technology into the shopping journey, adding a modern touch to traditional retail experiences.

Patented Innovation for Enhanced Shopping

Boasting innovative patents like advanced indoor positioning technology, global roaming Vsim technology, and a modular design, the P2 Smart Shopping Cart redefines shopping convenience. With its precise positioning, navigating through supermarkets becomes effortless for users while providing crucial data for retailers to enhance customer experiences. Through advanced Vsim technology, the P2 Smart Shopping Cart can seamlessly access local networks in most countries worldwide. Additionally, its modular design enables flexible customization, ensuring adaptability to diverse market demands.

Sustainability in Motion

In addition to its functional prowess, the P2 Smart Shopping Cart prioritizes sustainability. By streamlining checkout processes and reducing queue times during peak hours, it enhances operational efficiency while minimizing environmental impact. Amidst evolving public health concerns, its contactless features offer a safer shopping alternative. Moreover, its transition to electronic receipts underscores a commitment to environmental conservation.

A Shopping Revolution Tailored to Users

Driven by cutting-edge AI technology and data analytics, the P2 Smart Shopping Cart doubles as a personalized shopping assistant. Seamlessly integrated with mobile devices, it empowers users to manage shopping lists, access purchase history, and receive tailored product recommendations, enriching the shopping experience with convenience and personalization.

The honor of the iF Design Award reaffirms TROLLEE's dedication to integrating technology with intuitive design. This award is more than a triumph—it is a testament to our vision of crafting experiences that not only meet but exceed the expectations of retailers and consumers on a global scale.

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