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TROLLEE Showcased AI-Enhanced Smart Shopping Carts at RETAILTECH JAPAN

Tokyo, Japan – In an impressive showcase at RETAILTECH JAPAN, TROLLEE, a leading innovator in smart retail technology, presented its renowned smart shopping carts, P1 and P2, and showcased a pioneering new cart model designed to offer consumers a fully frictionless shopping experience with advance AI technology.

At RETAILTECH JAPAN, TROLLEE set a new standard for retail convenience with its innovative smart shopping cart. TROLLEE not only reaffirmed the value of its popular P1 and P2 smart shopping carts but also unveiled a new addition that elevates the shopping experience to new heights. Equipped with a larger screen and basket, the new shopping cart caters to the diverse needs of modern shoppers. With the introduction of this new shopping cart model, TROLLEE now offers smart shopping carts ranging from 80L to 200L, allowing retailers to tailor their cart selections to diverse store formats. More importantly, powered by AI cameras, it is capable of recognizing over 100,000 products without the need for model retraining, facilitating a fully seamless and intuitive shopping journey.

The cart's lightweight, low-power construction is designed to last over 14 hours, easing retail operations and providing continuous service to shoppers. "Our aim at TROLLEE has always been to transform the retail landscape by integrating technology that not only simplifies shopping but also makes it a delightful experience," said Soh Wei Hong, CEO at TROLLEE. "The P1 and P2 carts have set high standards in the market, and this new model is poised to push these boundaries further, enriching the shopping journey with unparalleled efficiency and personalization."

TROLLEE’s smart shopping carts stand out with advanced AI features:

  • Loss Prevention: The AI-driven system proactively identifies and alerts on potential shoplifting instances, utilizing real-time image and streaming video recognition and analysis to secure merchandise effectively. This feature is pivotal for retailers seeking to minimize shrinkage.

  • Shelf Recognition: Through advanced image recognition, TROLLEE smart shopping carts can identify empty shelves, providing invaluable data for inventory management.

  • AI Shopping Assistant: This innovative feature leverage Generative AI, enabling shoppers to interact with their cart conversationally by understanding and responding to queries with context-awareness, making each shopping experience uniquely tailored to the individual's preferences and needs.

Soh Wei Hong further highlighted, "Our AI features are crafted to address the core needs of retailers and shoppers alike, providing more than just technological innovation – they offer significant, real-world benefits." Furthermore, TROLLEE's smart shopping carts have emerged as an ideal supermarket retail media network, perfectly blending the realms of online and offline shopping. It offers supermarkets a seamless omnichannel marketing strategy, enriches the customer's journey, and opens new revenue streams for retailers.

With over 8,000 supermarket outlets, Japan represents a fertile ground for technological transformation in the retail sector. TROLLEE's entry into the Japanese retail market leverages this unique landscape to introduce innovative solutions that meet the needs of local consumers. TROLLEE’s participation in this event underscored its commitment to reshaping the future of retail, marking a significant step in TROLLEE's mission to innovate retail globally.


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